Friday, March 16, 2012

So I just watched the trailer for Dark Shadows...

...and I can't really blame anyone for my expectations being what they were, but still, what the f"%$?!%! For some reason I was expecting this to be Sweeney Todd with more bloodsucking and less singing. But this...This is Rip Van Winkle: Disco Inferno

I'm honestly VERY disappointed. Not because it looks bad (well, it does a little) but because I was expecting  -Nay, HOPING for a movie version of the dark supernatural thriller of a soap this was based on. Burton did great comedy in the past, but a comedy is not what fans wanted from this, especially not a spoof of the cult show as opposed to, say, an adaptation. I was wondering why we still hadn't seen a trailer yet with barely two months to go before release, and now I know.

Hopefully this trailer is merely a misfire that crammed the entire film's comic relied in 90 seconds, allowing me to get the wrong impression. But for now it's the only impressions I gots, so this one's going down from Must-See Top-5 to Coin toss between this and Battleship. Yeah, THAT bad. Check it out below and sound off with your own thoughts.

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  1. I am stunned... Is this for real?

    I couldn't agree more with what you wrote. I was not expecting anything like that.

    I love Dark Shadows. I was a child when the 1991 revival was on and it still PAINS me that NBC didn't renew it. When I got older I caught some reruns of the original soap on the Sci-Fi channel. I was honestly looking forward to a serious gothic movie interpretation of the story -- not... whatever the hell that was.

    Seriously disappointed. I am not pleased. :(