Monday, March 19, 2012

Summit Entertainment may sue you over OWNERSHIP OF AN ENTIRE DAY!

Be advised, forewarned and prepared: if you got out of your house at all to do anything on November 20th  2009, you illegally infringed on the property of Summit Entertainment. That's right buster, that day belongs to the studio that Twilight built, and they will not hesitate to remind you of that fact. So, what did YOU do that day? Huh?!?

Summit's been known to sue anyone (thing) that even remotely threads on the Twilight brand (even things containing the word Twilight from before the books even came out), but this time they cranked the crazy up to 11 by forcing an artist to take down a replica of her painting because of the date on which she created it. That's right folks, corporations are now copyrighting time.

The artist, one Kelly Howlett, was advised by hosting site that her painting had to be taken down from their site due to a letter received from the studio. The reason for the takedown was initially kept ambiguous, but after contacting the site's administration repeatedly until confirmation that nothing in her painting even reminds of Summit intellectual property (an oxymoron, if you ask me...) she was presented with the incriminating fact: her painting was dated Nov.20th, 2009, the same day as the theatrical release of New Moon.

Kelly fought back by putting it up on another site, and warning everyone through her facebook and twitter accounts that Summit was after that date. The Zazzle folks eventually woke up to the fact they had just bent over for something quite idiotic that seemingly didn't so much come from the studio directly but from a bot surfing the net on its behalf for possible infringement, and generating cease and desist threats to anything remotely emulating their stuff. They ended up re-instating Kelly's painting. Nice peeps. Just don,t expect them to have your back.

Here's a look at the painting that landed Kelly on Summit's radar.

Source: Bleeding Cool
Thanks to Mr.Whiskers for the find.

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