Saturday, March 10, 2012

SCENE IT: The Hallway Scuffle

Inception is THE vindication for fan boys and geek squads, a collective UP YOURS to Hollywood from all those who -quite rightly- considered overcostly crap like Transformers not worthy of flooring my cat's litter. It was definitive proof that high-price blockbusters can also be smart, complex and compelling films. I've geeked out about this one high and low for months after seeing it for the first of many many times, so I won't do it further here, except for that one scene the defines the arresting visual prowess displayed all throughout.
For those unfortunate lost souls who haven't seen the film, the scene take place in a dream, where the butt-kicking cool Joseph Gordon Levitt must protect his team who are in a deeper dream, while himself must be protected in the previous layer by a dude who drives like someone looking for a bathroom really bad. Therefore when "it" hits the fans, physics goes to hell and paves the way for a fight sequence that will continue to baffle for years to come. According to production notes, it took 3 weeks and over 500 stage hands to achieve that hallway fight scene. Watching it again cranks the anticipation for Dark Knight Rises up to 11. Watch it down here and sound off below!

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