Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Danny Trejo is Epic Beard Man!!!!

When the first trailer came out a few months ago I honestly thought this was a joke - Jimmy Kimmel doing his thing with the guy who'd already done a fake Machete trailer. But apparently it's the real deal: there's an official site and release date and everything. And a second official trailer. This is happening, folks!

For those who don't kow the background, this thing started with a viral YouTube video of an old white guy (since nicknamed Epic Beard Man), wearing shorts and a baby-blue t-shirt that says "Bad MotherF***er", who beat the living sh*t out of a black hoodlum who was harassing him on a city bus. If you're among the few humans who've never seen it, Check it Out Here.

Cut to 2012, where rookie filmmaker Craig Moss and indie shlock house Silver Nitrate hired Danny Trejo to play a suped-up version of EBM in Bad Ass, which uses the incident as a starting point (complete with baby-blue tee and fanny pack) to turn it into a Death Wish meets Harry Brown grindhouse actionner. Just to make it a geek must-see, it's got Ron Perlman playing the bad guy. And the always super-cool Charles S. Dutton uttering the original video's blood-faced catchphrase, "somebody call da amber-lance". Awesone. Gonna watch this just for the giggles.

Here's the new trailer, right down here.

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