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Swayyde's P.O.V: Act of Valor (2012)

Gal-Pal Swayyde, resident reviewer and all-around cool cat over at, agreed to drop a few nuggets of her opinions on some of the many movies she regularly sees. THIS is her point of view regarding recent release Act of Valor.

Hey Fam,

So it's been quite some time since the kuicklysynkingfloater that I have written anything. Today, I think I may try to go on a little spree.

I'm going to start with Act of Valor.

I would say that my first mind was a tad dubious; my initial feeling of "How are you going to get active-duty Navy Seals to act?" being the question that pushed me into my seat. Well, they're not very good at it, actually you can pick them out cause they can't deliver a believable scripted line to save their lives. The very first conversation in a bar was so forced that it actually tickled me to watch them try... and I actually loved them for it. I love the concept of getting the real deal fellas to do this. Now when it came to actual actors acting, it was a bit refreshing delivery-wise. Jason Cottle did an excellent job of being the enemy you love to hate. Roselyn Sanchez (gorgeous as always) was a perfect damsel in distress. Alex Veadov did a nice greasy job of being greasy.

So then now we get to the interesting part. Supposedly this movie is inspired by true events. I always have my doubts when it comes to military propaganda, but anyways, Act of Valor is about an extraction and stopping a coordinated terrorist attack that gets very close to home. Regardless, the action scenes were awesome, and right away puts a little perspective into why they chose actual Active Duty Navy Seals to do this flic. I honestly can say that with every warfare movie I have scene, none of them have (to me) the palpable sense of team camaraderie as this film does. Other films can convey it well, even bring us to tears with it, but there is something about looking at the real thing that changes the essence of what we're seeing. You can tell these guys know each other, work together, respect each other, and are a brotherhood. What they are lacking in script delivery is nullified by the smoothness of their delivery, or should I say, their second nature in everything else. It was a pleasure to watch and discover.

When I think about it, it's a bit ironic that as movie lovers, we see it all; Action, Drama, etc. And at the same time I'm left here with the sensation that we really don't see much. In Act of Valor, I discovered some men of few words but all about doing. They're not the industry glorified heroes with signature punch lines and intense (or not) character development. These guys are kind of just are who they are. Even though the movie attempted to put a couple of those men forward out of the bunch, it is still the bunch in their elements and their symbiosis that stuck out to me.

Definitely worth going to see at the movies.

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