Wednesday, April 11, 2012

TAKE 5: Songs heard in TV ads

You know that song that plays in that TV ad that you've heard before and you really like but you can't for the life of Brian figure out what it is and it's keeping you up at night and it's bothering you so badly now you don't even shower anymore and your boss fired you because of the smell? You know, that one song? 

Worry not, here's 5 of those. 

5- Commercial: Lowe's
Song: ''Home,'' Girls Love Shoes

Home by Girls Love Shoes on Grooveshark

4- Commercial: Droid Razr 
Song: Turn It Gold (Ido Z Remix), by Hesta Prynn
Turn It Gold (Ido Z Remix) by Hesta Prynn on Grooveshark

3- Commercial: Enterprise Rent-a-Car

Song: Send Me on My Way,  by Rusted Root

Send Me on My Way by Rusted Root on Grooveshark

2- Commercial: Target

Song: Alouette, by The Delta Rhythm Boys

Allouette by The Delta Rhythm Boys on Grooveshark

1- Commercial: CITI

Song: ''Into the Wild,'' LP

Into the wild by LP on Grooveshark

Commercial: Hewlett-Packard 

Song: ''Blister in the Sun,'' Violent Femmes

Blister in the Sun by Violent Femmes on Grooveshark

Monday, April 09, 2012

SCENE IT: A Game of Jacks

Its many narrative twists and tricks have been copied and stolen from here to eternity, still The Sting maintains its time-defying charm and entertainment values like few movies ever managed to. 

Director George Roy Hill leads The Sting with a light-hearted touch, presenting with what was then and still is now a much welcomed anomaly: a crime story that focuses on humor and characters instead of blood, violence and foul language. And it works! Why? Because of Newman & Redford. 

Those two act like they're on a different plane, and they are; always angling, scheming and keeping one step ahead of the villain as well as us all, fooling everyone all the way through an offbeat but surprisingly steady pace. AND being quite contagiously having a great time of it. This here scene, an addictive battle of wits and skills between two of Hollywood's all-time greatest both at the top of their game, is the perfect scene to hook anybody who's never seem this perpetual Top-100 dweller.

In today's Scene It, one of my personal favorite for as long as I can remember: The cheater's duel between Paul Newman's Henry Gondorf and Robert Shaw' Doyle Lonnergan.

Sunday, April 08, 2012

TAKE 10: Memorable Slaps


Hit (someone or something) with the palm of one's hand or a flat object: "my sister slapped my face".
A blow with the palm of the hand or a flat object.
Suddenly and directly, esp. with great force: "she ran slap into Luke".
verb.  smack - clap - cuff
noun.  smack - cuff - clap - slap in the face
adverb.  suddenly - directly

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Dancing with the Star Wars

I'm pretty sure the Star Wars Holiday Special sounded like a pretty f***ing good idea back in 1977. Unless TV execs truly ARE evil bastards bent on messing our heads up until we all drop dead of acute WTFitis. 

As for this, either the people behind this new "Kinect" game (X-Box thingie where you control the character with your own hot bod) never heard of the made-for-TV atrocity that wakes George Lucas up at night even 35 years later, or they were deliberately trying to top its cringe factor. In any case, Han Solo, like another Ford character, has officially Nuked the Fridge.

Fan-Made Functional Akira Bike

I know what I want for Christmas. Providing someone picks up on this guy's brilliant work.

His name is Masashi Teshima and he spent 7 years with $121K to build a real-life and fully functional replica of Kaneda's futuristic motorcycle from Akira. Complete with product placement stickers exactly where the original Manga and Anime has them.

This baby down here is the only one ever to be officially approved by Akira creator Katsushiro Otomo, approval given in part because of the owner's current tour of Japan on his bike in order to raise money and awareness for Autism research (a cause very dear and close to me). Can't wait for the Wal-Mart version so I can afford one.