Saturday, April 07, 2012

Fan-Made Functional Akira Bike

I know what I want for Christmas. Providing someone picks up on this guy's brilliant work.

His name is Masashi Teshima and he spent 7 years with $121K to build a real-life and fully functional replica of Kaneda's futuristic motorcycle from Akira. Complete with product placement stickers exactly where the original Manga and Anime has them.

This baby down here is the only one ever to be officially approved by Akira creator Katsushiro Otomo, approval given in part because of the owner's current tour of Japan on his bike in order to raise money and awareness for Autism research (a cause very dear and close to me). Can't wait for the Wal-Mart version so I can afford one.

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  1. If it's for autism, he can come around here as well, no problem with me!!!