Wednesday, April 11, 2012

TAKE 5: Songs heard in TV ads

You know that song that plays in that TV ad that you've heard before and you really like but you can't for the life of Brian figure out what it is and it's keeping you up at night and it's bothering you so badly now you don't even shower anymore and your boss fired you because of the smell? You know, that one song? 

Worry not, here's 5 of those. 

5- Commercial: Lowe's
Song: ''Home,'' Girls Love Shoes

Home by Girls Love Shoes on Grooveshark

4- Commercial: Droid Razr 
Song: Turn It Gold (Ido Z Remix), by Hesta Prynn
Turn It Gold (Ido Z Remix) by Hesta Prynn on Grooveshark

3- Commercial: Enterprise Rent-a-Car

Song: Send Me on My Way,  by Rusted Root

Send Me on My Way by Rusted Root on Grooveshark

2- Commercial: Target

Song: Alouette, by The Delta Rhythm Boys

Allouette by The Delta Rhythm Boys on Grooveshark

1- Commercial: CITI

Song: ''Into the Wild,'' LP

Into the wild by LP on Grooveshark

Commercial: Hewlett-Packard 

Song: ''Blister in the Sun,'' Violent Femmes

Blister in the Sun by Violent Femmes on Grooveshark

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