Friday, March 02, 2012

What I wanna see in ...MARCH

Still somewhat in the Dead-of-Winter time of studios dumping their less fortunate projects, or at least the ones they've completely given up on. In other words, 'tis the season of Nic Cage. Not much AT ALL on my radar over this first weekend of the month, but as the thaw nears a few stand outs do attract my guise.

March 9
Director Lasse Hallstrom ended the 90s on a hot-as-hell streak with Cider House Rules and Chocolat, then stumbled into the 2000s with soporific misfire Shipping News, which set the tone for a decade's worth of critical and financial failures. He entered the current one on a rebound with the crowd-pleaser Dear John, so hopefully this quirky-sounding little film here will by worthy of its really cool cast. Escpecially with McGregor, a favorite or mine, hot-off the Oscar semi-success of Beginners

Impossible not to Love Kelly MacDonald, and David Tennant is one of those character actors that never -EVER- fails to deliver a highly entertaining performance. The quirky subject matter would make for a sore of a bore in Hollywood hands, but being handled by independent British ones make it a must-see for me.

Can't say I care much for director Tony Kaye who mastered the unwanted quality of being his own worst ennemy, but the rock-solid cast of this one added to a very gripping and off-kilter trailer sold me on accepting a screener to review­. And so shall I in the next few days.

This year's Twilight/Harry Potter, for all intents and purposes. I usually loath being a lemming in a movie-going crowd, but paint me curious to see if it lives up to the Japanese jaw-dropper that clearly inspired the books, Battle Royale.

Saw the trailer, didn't do much, but it's the premise of it -and the early-Carpenter vibe- that sold me on putting this one down to the watchlist. 

Actually seen it already, will be (trying to) post a review over the weekend.

I'm a sucker for off-beat documentaries (or just really good ones, like Ken Burns'). This one really intrigues me, so hopefully the very limited release scheme won't keep it from landing in my hands.

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