Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Wolverine teaser poster (?)

If it is the real thing, and the folks at Screen Rant say it is, well it starts off much better than the previous piece of shit disappointment that was the awkwardly titled X-Men Origins Wolverine. So this here is a snapshot of a poster that supposedly hangs in the office of one James Mangold, guy who did the Johnny Cash movie (just before Joaquin Phoenix gloriously destroyed his career) and also last year's Tom Cruise bummer Knight and Day (talk about awkward title...) who stepped in and took over the sequel/reboot/thank-God-they-know-it-stunk project when Darren Aronofsky slammed the door because... well because he's Aronofsky and that's what he does.

So anyway, film should be called simply The Wolverine, it,s supposed to follow the storyline of Logan looking for himself in Japan from the comic books (and animated show) and it starts production this Summer for release in July '13. So what do you guys think? I think it looks REALLY cool. I might even get excited (a bit) if it's the real thing.

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