Thursday, February 23, 2012

SCENE IT: Star Spangled 5-0


Neil Amstrong's first step on the Moon and famous blurb that came with it almost never made it to Earth, and wouldn't have if it wasn't for 3 technicians lodged in the middle of a sheep paddock in rural Australia. Sounds like a farce, but then again so did the whole enterprise when you think of it...

HBO's wonderful little film, which went largely unnoticed when released in 2000, tells the story of the small town of Parks, Australia, who agreed to lend a hand to NASA with their radio telescope during the Apollo 11 mission. Full of sweet, funny and touching moments, the epitome of the story to me was the cultural clash expressed in this side-splitting moment where a  band, made up of teenage boys whose only knowledge of America is its pop culture, are ask to play at a ball in honor of the American ambassador on the eve of the fateful day. And are clearly not ready to do so...

Watch and smile, then go out and buy the damn DVD!

The Dish: National Anthem scene from Arnprior on Vimeo.

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  1. LOOLLL!! National anthem!! Hey by the way, is it Marvin the martian week (like David Bowie, the last one), cuz this poster rocks!!!