Wednesday, February 15, 2012

SCENE IT: The Choppy Ending

FOOR ROOMS' Finger Bet
I must've watched that scene alone 200 times easy, and I still can't stop laughing my arse off every single time.

The film itself is pretty much forgettable stuff. It's 4 sketches, from four directors, all centred around Ted (Tim Roth) whose one and only night working as a bellboy grows increasingly freaky and neurotic. Nothing to reinvent the wheel, and not necessarily funny (except for Tim Roth's deliciously over the top performance) until that final sketch, the Tarantino sketch. in typical Quentin, it's talk-talk-talk all along but builds up to one ultimate moment that shoots you out of your seat.

So here's the set-up. Tarantino, playing a hotshot movie producer, calls Ted to the Penthouse and asks him for a favor. Seems that a friend of his, inspired by an obscure Hitchcock Presents episode, wants to win Tarantino's car in a bet that involves lighting his Zippo 10 times in a row. If he fails, he loses a finger. Since no one is just drunk enough to handle that business, They figured slipping a thousand bucks to the Bellhop would convince him to accept the duty, should the bet be lost. Ted's already had a very bad night and is just about to lose it. And thus....

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