Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Devil May Dare: Carnahan's out, Fox may follow...

Story I missed out on writing last week, figured I'd have plenty of time to write about it before anything comes out of it, turns out I was dead wrong. The crimson crimefighter's saga is in the final stretch of maybe getting out of the actual Devil's clutches. Yes boys and girls, Fox is on the verge of losing all rights to Daredevil. 

Long story short: Fox has been trying for a while to get a reboot going after the Mark Steven Johnson debacle that contributed to end the first leg of Ben Affleck's movie career. The studio that Murdoch built has auditioned lots of screenwriters and directors for the job, the latest of which was Joe Carnahan who even put together a kick-ass "sizzle reel", a clip formed from all sort of archive footage to give a clear idea of his concept. And it DOES kick-ass (see the video below). 

But that was last week. THIS week, Carny tweeted that studio execs don't share my opinion on his concept. Says the man, "Think my idea for a certain retro, red-suited, Serpico-styled superhero went up in smoke today kids," before concluding "We shall see. Time is NOT on anyone’s side."

What he means by that last part is that Fox might've just blown their last good chance to keep movie rights on the character. According to the contractual obligations with Marvel, a new movie has to be in production before October 10 of this year, otherwise the rights revert back to Marvel, whom it so happens are Disney's new golden goose with a string of hits crowned this summer by one of the highest-grossing movies of all time. 

Kinda sucks that Carnahan's cool, Tarantinesque vision was turned down, kinda exciting that Marvel might be able to put the blind butt-kicker on the big screen themselves; can you imagine the global fangasm if they line him-up alongside the Avengers in their second outing?!? And hey, who says they can't hire Joe Carnahan  to give Matt Murdoch a better film than his namesake studio owner did?

Here are the aforementioned reel put together by Carnahan. Tell me this wouldn't ROCK!?!


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